Arevna Search

Arevna Search

Executive recruitment is becoming more necessary across all industries across Europe and the World. Matching skillset can be easy, however matching skillset and an individual’s personality and ethics to a client’s visions and values can be extremely difficult. In today’s market we all want to work in an environment where as employers our staff work to their optimum, achieving the best of their skillset and experiences whilst aligning themselves to the values of the organisation. As employees we want a sense of belonging, achieving success and recognition for our work and progression within the company doing so in accordance with our own ethics and values.

Arevna Search was an idea introduced by the managing partners to bridge the gap between a company and prospective employees. Understanding the importance of making the right decisions, we provide solutions to easier decision making. Arevna comes from the word hunter, this has become our badge, our shield and our motto when working on any campaign for our clients. From management to the search team, we take all steps possible for us to ensure the right decisions are made at the right time for our clients regarding the hiring process, the longer-term strategies and the growth plans of our clients.


A team of executive consultants with vast industry experience, across IT, Finance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Construction, Engineering and Commercial recruitment. Our insight and knowledge into the industries gives our clients advantage over their competitors of knowing about the available talent. We ensure each client is met, and we understand the values and culture of the business and then we work on the role requirements they have. The utilisation of an external and independent negotiator for our clients and candidates, our role to ensure both are satisfied when taking on new assignments. A detailed and thorough interview of all prospective candidates and we meet all the candidates who are on the short list. The use of psychometric testing for all the short-listed candidates, so our clients can better understand the candidate and their fit within the organisation.


Arevna Search covers all roles from managers through to board level directors:

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