Team Arevna giving back…

Taking so much for granted is the norm today, we waste too much whilst we keep demanding more. We at Arevna would like to appreciate more what we have and try to give some back to charities which are dear to us.

We are living in an age of take take take, so the team would like to try to give back to sectors of society which would be close to their hearts and were we try to give back.

My mum has systemic lupus, it is an autoimmune disease that not many people have heard of.

I have seen it cause many health problems and emergency hospital visits for my mum, as her immune system attacks tissues and organs in her body. She suffers from ‘flare ups’ and has sensitivity to sunlight, as well as extreme fatigue.

There is no cure for Lupus, so I would like to raise as much money as I can for research in to this debilitating disease and help find a cure or a better way for it to be managed.

Nadine – Healthcare Consultant

I would like to support cancer research.

The reason why I support this charity is because my Uncle is currently suffering with Lung cancer, so this charity means a lot to me. After he was diagnosed with this condition I spent a lot of time online researching different types of cancers and what the survival rate is.

What really caught my eye was Cancer Research and how, within 40 years they have doubled the cancer survival rate. They have gone from having a survival rate of 1 in 4 and now it is 2 in 4. Their plan in the next 15 years is to increase that figure to 3 out of 4 people, and I will support them to get to that point. I hope everyone who has been affected by this can jump on board and help Cancer Research reach their goal.

Haajra – Pharma Consultant

New Leaf Foundation – a charity that helps resettle prisoners back into normal life. The programme gives prisoners hope and works with them closely in paving a new life. This has proven to reduce re-offending and has been a very successful programme since it started.

Scott McEvoy – Medical Device Consultant

They say one man can’t make a difference, but Ravi Singh has shown you can. Khalsa aid was founded in 1999 as a non-profit aid and relief organization founded on the Sikh principles of selfless service and universal love but their aid is not just limited to Sikh community, it is worldwide.

This charity is very close to my heart as it shows there is no borders or differences when it comes to humanity and helping each other. The work that people do for Khalsa Aid is not paid for, it is completely voluntary. These people have taken time out of things such as work and education to travel abroad and help.

Jas Sandhu – Senior Consultant

Having 4 young kids, I know how hard and expensive it can be to raise them I would like to raise money for kids who have lost a parent or both parents. I am also affected adversely when I see the sufferings across the globe, whether it be a natural disaster or a war-torn country, it is difficult to see kids suffering, So I would like to raise money for One Nation a charity.

One Nation collects aid and donations for projects across the globe, for natural disasters, for orphans and for countries affected by war, a great charity with a 100% donation policy.

Nav Khaliq – Senior Consultant

A local charity, Wheelpower, a charity started in Aylesbury the Birthplace of the Paralympics. This charity helps people of all ages with physical impairments get involved in sport. just giving page for #teamarevna‘s Tour De Vale 100km bike ride is up! Nav and Scott have 3 months to train hard and get ready. We have every faith they will smash their targets and get over that finish line. Any donation is welcome, no matter how little. Please show your support for Team Arevna.

Alex Bauman – Senior Consultant

The team will continue to add to the list of charities we are collecting for, any donations small or large would be appreciated. Below is a schedule of gruelling tasks and who has volunteered to take part 😊


What –    Tour de Vale – 100km cycle

When –   6th June 2019

Who       Scott & Nav

What –    3 peaks in 24 hours – Climbing the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales

When –   September 2019

Who       Jas, Nadine, Scott & Nav